Vocal-instrumental ensemble “ZDRAVSTVUY, PESNYA”
(Русский) JUST DUET — акустическая гитара, перкуссия и вокал

BLUE/RED vibe duet


Hello. We are BLUE/RED vibe duet 🔵 🔴

Have you noticed that in a couple of years the word vibe ‘vibe’ has become very fashionable (doesn’t it seem to us?)?? Therefore, let it be next to our name and adds a flair of mystery to it.

We create music right at your event, which is called “in the moment”.

How do we play “live”, you ask? We use the live loops method ‘live loops’ – recording the cycles defining the song. A cycle is a small part of a song that is always repeated and “looped”. By recording these loops for each instrument and layering them on top of each other, we create a song from scratch right before your eyes!

On our live promo, you can hear and see how we do it.

Mostly, we play music in the style of lounge ‘lounge’, but we do not guarantee that it will always be like this😈

Keys, guitar, vocals, percussion and a little live loop magic create the right atmosphere for any event – whether it’s a welcome at the wedding of a beloved friend or an evening in the most cozy institution in the city.

No more words, you’ll see for yourself. Please like to see us more often💙 ❤ and see you soon.

Organization: MUZA Agency, Sergey Vasilchuk
Sound, video editing: Egor Shamonin
Vocals: Lina Milo
Maestro: Egor Shamonin
Location: F13 GROUP
Technician: Alexander Redin
Shooting: Egor Shamonin, Olesya Vasilchuk
8 987 565 15 53 – Sergey
Instagram: https://instagram.com/bluered_duet

To order a performance of the duo “BLUE/RED”, get a positive charge and have a great time, you can call +79875651553 (Sergey) or send a request to agencymuza@gmail.com