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Cover band “VODOO PEOPLE”

The cover band VODOO PEOPLE is a professional music show with interactive numbers and choreography;

Advantages – drive, choreography, contact with the audience;

Career in event – the group has been performing for more than 5 years in Moscow, in Russia and abroad;

How they work – our artists sing, dance, go out into the hall, and interact with guests;

Permanent composition – 6 people on stage: male and female vocals, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums;

Costumes – about 10 costumes;

Repertoire – more than 150 songs in the repertoire in different languages;

Events per year – about 160;

Opportunities – program on “Welcome” in various formulations!

The repertoire of the group consists of more than 150 songs in Russian, English and Spanish and includes both fresh youth hits and “imperishable” of past years.

Having extensive experience of speaking at events of various formats, the Vodoo People group has a fine sense of the mood of the audience and we always know what songs are expected from us.

An important part of the show is the stage interaction and communication with guests, professional choreography, dancing and unique interactive numbers.

All VODOO PEOPLE musicians dance, sing and are important participants in the show program.

In addition, the group’s repertoire has a special program for Welcome.

If you want to book this artist, please, write an e-mail to agencymuza@gmail.com or +79875651553 (WhatsApp, Telegram)