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Folk group “TORAMA”

The TORAMA folk ensemble is a trademark of Mordovia in the field of national music. The basis of TORAMA’s work is the authentic male polyphonic singing, instruments and songs of the ancient Mordva. In 2017, the ensemble celebrated its 25th anniversary. All these years torama has been on the path of development, constantly touring, creating new projects, experimenting in the field of synthesis of musical directions of folk with jazz, folk with rock and folk with symphonic music.

“We want to break down the stereotypical idea of folklore, show how many-sided and plastic folk is. Folklore is developing and its new sound resonates in the hearts of different generations. This means that the history of Mordva is not forgotten!”Torama

You can order a performance of the folklore ensemble “TORAMA”, get a positive charge and have a great time by phone +79875651553 (Sergey) or send a request to the mail agencymuza@gmail.com