Maxim Averin’s solo performance “Teach me to live” | 31.01.2022 | Saransk

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The third call. The lights go out in the hall.
The audience violently greeted Maxim Averin with applause!

And our journey through the waves of poetry began. In the first wave there were poems by A. Vertinsky. The poem “Evil Spirits” was performed as a chic theatrical number. Music, poems, a dance with a hat between the quatrains.

The dance of a sad clown, a smile through tears. The audience rejoiced from the emotions received!

Applause, bow, curtain! And in my head: ”Please read more!”

It was a wonderful performance about Love – tender and trembling, bright and passionate! So different. “But how in the world to live without love.”

After the performance, the audience shouted “Bravo!”, and this is the best assessment for the artist and for us, as the organizers of this event.