Performance “Misery” with artists of Russia-Evgenia Dobrovolskaya and Daniel Spivakovsky | Saransk | 2019

Concert of the famous Russian rap-artist “Basta” | Saransk | 2019
Organization of the part of the tour for the group «Melnitsa» | Cheboksary and Yoshkar-Ola | 2019
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Thanks to everyone who visited the Misery performance. The game of the actors was incomparable! Saransk applauded standing👏

Misery is one of Stephen King’s most virtuoso psychological thrillers.
The plot of the work is based on the relationship between two heroes of the book – the popular writer Paul Sheldon and the psychopathic admirer Annie Wilkes.

On the stage, Stephen King’s novel takes on a new sound. This is an exciting combination of action-packed thriller and psychological drama.

In the center of the play is the tragic story of two people, which exists without time and space. It can happen to anyone and anywhere, and from that it becomes even more creepy and exciting.

What does it mean to be someone’s fan? What does it mean to have fans and what can this result in?

We will try to answer these questions, and the ingenious plot of the legendary King will help to make this study exciting and unforgettable.