Сoncert of Anton Belyaev and the Therrmaitz group 01/03/19 Saransk (Russia)

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Promo video for the cover band “Super Disco of the 90s” | 2019
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MUZA.agency took part in organizing the concert of Anton Belyaev and the Therrmaitz group in Saransk (Russia).

Most recently, the Russian musician Anton Belyaev and his band Therr Maitz were known and loved only by a narrow circle of like-minded people. Now the whole country knows about them. Their music inspires something new and unusual, awakens creativity. Thanks to the participation in the national project “The Voice”, Anton Belyaev and the Therr Maitz group became popular favorites.

We are sure that this unusual, very lively and emotional concert will be remembered by the city residents for a long time!