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Folk-pop group “VASILISA”

VASILISA is a new word in Russian ethno-music. This is a combination of clear transparent vocals, traditional Russian motifs and modern arrangements.

VASILISA is a singer with a rich musical background. She has many years of experience in professional multi-genre music projects, as well as experience in international festivals, competitions and tours.

Russian folk songs and romances are taken as the basis of the show, framed in modern rhythms and sounds. The philosophy and the goal of the project is to show and reveal the beauty of folk songs and Russian romance in a new vision, to make them understandable and relevant to people.

VASILISA’s live performance implies a stylish and large-scale technical production. Video projection complements the music series and enhances the viewer’s perception, leaving a vivid impression of watching the show. In the repertoire of VASILISA you will hear both modern interpretations of famous folk “hits”, such as “Porushka” and “Oh, frost, frost” (“Oh, Moroz, Moroz”), and atmospheric authentic readings of folk-romance compositions “White snow” (“Belym snegom”), “Don’t go, stay with me” (“Ne uhodi, pobud’ so mnoy”) and others.

In today’s world there are many different genres of music, but folk songs remain a diamond in the rough, patiently waiting when you find them, grind their faces, and they will once again sparkle with unique brilliance in a necklace of the modern art. VASILISA finds these folk rough diamonds and creates them into shining diamonds that will become the best friends for all generations at all times. The VASILISA project will clearly tell you that folk songs and romances contain a deep meaning and simple truths, proven by the wisdom of centuries.

You can order the performance by phone +79875651553 (Sergey) or send a request to agencymuza@gmail.com