• The play “In One Breath” is a funny and touching story played by famous artists Alexander Dyachenko and Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka. On January 6, Saransk witnessed a very unusual performance. The action took place for almost 3 hours! All this time, the audience was watching the action unfolding on the stage between two brilliant artists. The heartfelt game forced the audience to reflect on the simple and important. An amazing combination of humor and tragedy. Three hours of amazing acting, when every word reaches the depths of the heart. The tragedy of love, the drama of the fate of one person appear before the eyes of the viewer. A […]
  • In autumn, our Volga tour with Radio Queen (Official Tribute Show) and the Bohemian Rhapsody Show with a symphony orchestra ended. Yoshkar-Ola, Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk, Saransk, it was powerful! Four luxurious live concerts took place despite the fact that due to the pandemic they were postponed twice for almost a year and a half. We did it thanks to our perseverance and desire to finish the job! And also thanks to our loyal viewers who waited for the concerts and did not hand over their tickets, as well as reliable partners-organizers and management of the group. Thanks! To everyone who was lucky enough to attend concerts, we offer to […]
  • On 13/12/21, the performance “No. 13” took place in Saransk. Ray Cooney’s comedy “He, she, the window, the Dead Man”, which is on the Russian stage under the brand “No. 13”, is considered one of the best in world drama. Richard Willey, a respectable gentleman, assistant to the Prime Minister, decided to spend time with a charming secretary instead of a night parliamentary debate. To do this, he rents luxury apartments at number 13 in a five-star hotel. The “Damn Dozen” played its fatal role — the love rendezvous did not work out. At the most inopportune moment, the lifeless body of an unknown man was found on […]
  • 08/12/21 Yaroslav Sumishevsky performed on the stage of the RDK in Saransk! Yaroslav is the founder and permanent host of the best Internet project “Narodny Makhor”, a participant of the Channel One show “Three Chords”, the owner of an incredibly beautiful voice and a very talented Artist. He is called a “phenomenon” or “people’s artist of the Internet”. Together with his band “Mahor Band” he has already visited more than 120 cities with concerts. Invariably, all concerts are held in a very cozy and warm atmosphere, at his concerts there is always a live sound and indescribable emotions from professional performance. The performer presented a new concert program […]
  • On 18/09/21, the “RAVE” boxing festival was held at the Lada Arena Sports Palace (Togliatti). The collaboration of our agency and the company F13 allowed us to make a bright event. The program of the festival day included an active entertainment area for the audience, a photo zone, children’s animation for those who came with children, 5 professional fights were held (including the fight for the title of “Champion of Russia”), the evening ended with the performance of the headliner – DZHIGAN! Within the framework of the project, the following was implemented: – preliminary measurements of the site, the construction of a plan-scheme of the event and 3D […]
  • 13/08/21 the Ecological rally “Clean Country” 2.0 took place in Saransk 🙌 🏻 💚 A wonderful collaboration of our agency and the Association “Clean Country”, thanks to which we made a cool holiday for Saransk.
  • 07/09/21 Anniversary Of The Student Detachments Of Mordovia! A celebration of youth, friendship, teamwork, good music and a great mood! We are glad to be involved in the organization of this big event🎶 We have preserved the warm holiday atmosphere in this video.
  • On 5/08/21, celebrations dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the canonization of the Russian naval commander, Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, the patron saint of Mordovia, were held in the Republic of Mordovia. A festive concert and performances of artists completed the festival days on the Cathedral Square of the city.
  • On 28/05/21, a big event took place for the village of Yavas (100 years since its formation). MUZA.agency carried out the organizational and technical part of the event. For a more detailed understanding of the features of major events (and our work on them), let’s look at both parts in more detail. The organizational part of such events always requires numerous agreements with all participating parties and includes (at least): ▫ maintaining contractual, reporting and project documentation; ▫ ️planning project deadlines, resources, and budgets; ▫ ️forming a project team and setting tasks; ▫ ️control of execution by terms, results and quality, as well as (often) solving issues related […]
  • 11/04/21 After a long pause, a whole year long, the audience of Ulyanovsk once again met with the amazing singer Pelageya! Fantastic voice and folk songs in modern arrangements, a full house and a sea of flowers! The concert is organized by the RADUS Production Center http://www.radus.ru ​
  • 9/04/21 Saransk hosted a performance based on the play “Crazy Money”by A. N. Ostrovsky. The audience enjoyed the bright, lively performance of the famous cast, the magnificent language of classical literature, the deep plot and subtle humor that Ostrovsky’s play is famous for. Starring: Ivan Stebunov, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Boris Khvoshnyansky, Alexander Lymarev, Irina Cherichenko, Andrey Shugov, Nadezhda Azarova
  • On 28/03/21, the legendary “Show in the Rain 2″took place in Saransk! All the emotions and mood of the main character of the show are transmitted to the audience with the help of body plastics of the artists of the dance theater “Temptation”. Their numbers are a range of feelings, emotions and energy, supported by high-quality musical compositions, magnificent light and choreography. In the final, dance numbers are performed in the rain. The audience of Saransk, as always, very warmly received the already beloved artists, the concert was held with a permitted 50% full house!
  • Russian Russian rock legend, and Alexey Romanov – one of the founders of Russian rock as a musical phenomenon, means nothing to say that the band “Resurrection” is a legend of Russian rock, and Alexey Romanov is one of the founders of Russian rock as a musical phenomenon.… Alexey Romanov’s work is a series of musical and poetic masterpieces. Few of the Russian rock musicians will have the courage to go out in public in the format of a duet: vocals/acoustic guitar, percussion/cajon. On March 24, the legendary duo arrived in Saransk to give a heartfelt concert full of great compositions that have been familiar to listeners for […]
  • 12/13/14 of March – a mini-tour with the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Vadim Kazachenko took place in the cities of the Volga region: Penza, Saransk, Ulyanovsk! After a long pause, the length of the year 2020, the famous artist again came to light the hearts and souls of the audience with his wonderful songs! The audience sang and danced, enjoyed the positive atmosphere at the concerts and realized how much music charges, how it unites and gives joy and strength to new achievements! There were not enough incendiary spectators in Penza and Ulyanovsk, I would like to see more of you) Penza, Ulyanovsk, wake up! Anyway, […]
  • On March 7, on the eve of the holiday of all women, the audience of Saransk enjoyed the exciting and hilarious plot of the comedy play “There are no someone else’s husbands”. The two-hour action took place in one breath, the plot struck with unexpected twists and enchanting humor, and the actors ‘ performance was on top! Laughter, applause, and a great mood of the audience made this evening truly festive! Thanks to the talented cast. Thank you, Saransk! The performance was held in compliance with all the requirements Rospotrebnadzor. We care about our audience and do everything possible to ensure that concerts and performances are safe and […]
  • After a long pause, when all mass events stopped for almost a whole year, we are again happy to plunge into the organization of interesting projects! Yes, so far with restrictions. Yes, with a hall occupancy rate of only 30% in Saransk. But we can see with what pleasure you, the audience, go to the evening event! We love the atmosphere of pleasant excitement, relaxed conversations before the performance and your positive emotions after it. February 13, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, the comedy “Exit through the bedroom” took place. The lyrical comedy based on the play by Neil Simon “Barefoot in the Park” is a romantic […]
  • 11/12/2020 and 12/12/2020 In this very difficult year for music and mass events, we still managed to hold the long-awaited concerts of the group “Melnitsa”, which were supposed to take place in April, but due to the pandemic were postponed to December. After much coordination, negotiations, calculations, permits and other difficulties of organization, the concerts finally took place! These were very long-awaited, atmospheric and soulful performances. A real New Year’s Eve fairy tale! Thank you to all the fans of the group “Melnitsa”, who patiently waited for the arrival of their favorite artists. Thank you to the audience for their discipline and understanding of the new norms of […]
  • Агентство "МУЗА"
    The first half of autumn 2020 was pleasant with good weather and an acceptable epidemiological situation. Thanks to this, we had the opportunity to organize several bright events, one of which was the 60th anniversary. It was stylish and tasteful (see photo / video report). What was implemented: ✅ development of the event scenario and timing ✅ development of the event’s corporate identity ✅ comprehensive technical support ✅ decoration of the main hall and welcome area ✅ selection of artists ✅ coordination and control In modern realities, new life hacks appear, for example: * an increased fleet of microphones at the event (individual microphone for soloists/musicians, as well […]
  • Organized a children’s birthday outside the city. Private playground, technical task – to make it bright and fun. Development of the concept of the holiday, staff recruitment, activity zones, timing, decor, catering.
  • 10/03/20 and 12/03/20 Igor Nikolaev’s concerts in Penza and Saransk are amazing concerts, which incorporates the best and new songs of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and Russian pop legend.
  • 06/02/2020 for the first time in Saransk, the musical show “Notre Dame de Paris”was held. The acting of the star-studded cast and the magnificent “live” performance allowed the audience to move to the heart of Notre Dame.