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10 Sep 2021
Vасилиса | русская народная песня

Folk-pop group “VASILISA”

VASILISA is a new word in Russian ethno-music. This is a combination of clear transparent vocals, traditional Russian motifs and modern arrangements. VASILISA is a singer with a rich musical background. She has many years of experience in professional multi-genre music projects, as well as experience in international festivals, competitions and tours. Russian folk songs and romances are taken as the basis of the show, framed in modern rhythms and sounds. The interpretations of VASILISA’s songs will appeal to both the older generation and generation Z. The philosophy and the goal of the project is to show and reveal the beauty of folk songs and Russian romance in […]
10 Sep 2021


LONGPLAY – a group for parties Promo video 2021 Call and book a party band for your celebration: +7 987 565 1553 Sergey Vasilchuk We ourselves like what we do and how our repertoire sounds, so we dance together with you! Only live emotions and drive! PS Do you want a powerful and incendiary party? So that even status and shy guests can dance? Did they sing soulful songs in chorus and applaud? A real LIVE concert? Then call/write to our concert director – +7 987 565 1553 and make yourself a holiday! We go to any cities and countries!
27 May 2020

Vocal-instrumental ensemble “ZDRAVSTVUY, PESNYA”

Vocal-instrumental ensemble “ZDRAVSTVUY, PESNYA” is the official participant of the VI-XIII-XVIII International Festival “Autoradio” “DISCO OF THE 80s”. Member of many prestigious television programs and cultural projects in Russia and abroad. This team is exclusively talented, creative, highly professional Artists who can present to the audience a real holiday! You can order the performance of the popular group by phone +79875651553 (Sergey) or send a request to agencymuza@gmail.com
26 May 2020

Vocal-instrumental ensemble “SINIYA PTICA” (“Blue Bird”)

The “SINIYA PTICA” (Blue Bird) is the authors and performers of numerous romantic songs, a Soviet musical group produced by Robert Bolotnoy. Artists of such legendary hits as “Maple”, “You Can’t Dream of Me,” “So That’s What You Are” and many others. You can order the performance of the popular group by phone +79875651553 (Sergey) or send a request to agencymuza@gmail.com
28 Feb 2020

Cover band “CRAZY BEATS”

The dynamic performance of the most popular Russian and foreign hits combined with an interactive show will create a unique atmosphere of your event. The variety of stage outfits allows us to seamlessly integrate into the theme and mood of any celebration. An individual approach to each order, combined with professionalism and an impeccable reputation, determine our constant stay in the TOP-10 of the best cover groups in Moscow. CRAZY BEATS cover band is a team of bright young professional musicians, we make a real live sound at special events in Russia and Europe! CRAZY BEATS is: 6 professionals on stage + their own sound engineer in the […]
3 Feb 2019

Theater of song “ROSICHI”

The uniqueness of “Rosichy” is that they really justify the status of the “Theater of Song”. Each block, and each song – is a mini-performance with its own plot, in which professional vocalists are both dancers and actors. They love to experiment, mix different musical styles and genres, always welcome the most unexpected projects and take part in them with great enthusiasm. “Rosichi” have an active touring life both in our country and abroad. It is very difficult to find a place on the map of our vast country where this team would not have visited. Only in 2010-early 2011, the artists had the pleasure to listen and […]
28 Feb 2018

Cover band “VODOO PEOPLE”

The cover band VODOO PEOPLE is a professional music show with interactive numbers and choreography; Advantages – drive, choreography, contact with the audience; Career in event – the group has been performing for more than 5 years in Moscow, in Russia and abroad; How they work – our artists sing, dance, go out into the hall, and interact with guests; Permanent composition – 6 people on stage: male and female vocals, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums; Costumes – about 10 costumes; Repertoire – more than 150 songs in the repertoire in different languages; Events per year – about 160; Opportunities – program on “Welcome” in various formulations! REPERTOIRE AND […]
28 Feb 2016

Folk group “TORAMA”

The TORAMA folk ensemble is a trademark of Mordovia in the field of national music. The basis of TORAMA’s work is the authentic male polyphonic singing, instruments and songs of the ancient Mordva. In 2017, the ensemble celebrated its 25th anniversary. All these years torama has been on the path of development, constantly touring, creating new projects, experimenting in the field of synthesis of musical directions of folk with jazz, folk with rock and folk with symphonic music. “We want to break down the stereotypical idea of folklore, show how many-sided and plastic folk is. Folklore is developing and its new sound resonates in the hearts of different […]